Alpecin Hair Care Line’s New Approach to an Age-Old Problem; Now in India!

Recent studies have concluded that by the age of 35, almost 66% of men experience some form of hair loss. And by the age of 50, about 85% of them will have noticeably thinner hair. This has forced generations of men to be worried about their appearance. What causes this hair loss? It might be hereditary, or the results of long term stress, alopecia, or even simple hair thinning without any designated pattern. To help men with their life-long struggle against thinning hair, Dr. August Wolff suggested the use of caffeine as a source of energy to promote hair growth.

How Exactly Can Caffeine Help?

For most males, hair loss issues might start from as early as puberty. With the excess production of the male hormone “testosterone”, it also effectively cuts off the supply of energy to the roots, which causes hair loss in the long run. Dr. Wolff Group successfully formulated a haircare line based primarily on caffeine that is going to compensate for the lost energy from the roots, ultimately helping your hair to grow again. Using the Alpecin Men’s Caffeine Hair Products from an adolescence will always provide the hair follicles enough energy to grow, thus ensuring full, healthy hair even in your older days. The products stimulate hair growth during the process of washing and helps tackle hair thinning issues. Bottom Line Since baldness and hair loss is a rather common problem amongst the male population, it is extremely crucial that special attention be paid to your hair roots from an early age to prevent baldness at any stage. Alpecin’s Hair Care Line will protect your scalp against untimely hair fall and give you visibly thicker and luscious locks.

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